Hope For Our Veteransseparater

To help homeless and military veterans, through the provision of, work programs, employment assistance, and transportation to appointments, hospitals and therapy-sessions.

These are all valuable stepping stones for our military heroes, helping them become productive members of society once more, living independent lives.

Studies done by the VA have revealed that as many as ONE IN FIVE OF OUR HOMELESS population has served in the United States military. This is unacceptable. With over 22 million veterans living in the US today, most are soldiers who have risked their lives to protect and serve our country. Over the next five years, APPROXIMATELY ONE MILLION MORE SERVICE MEMBERS WILL BE REENTERING CIVILIAN LIFE. At Veterans In Need Foundation, we feel strongly about helping these brave veterans adjust to their new civilian lives. This transition can often be difficult, but we strive each day to do our part in helping these heroes lead the lives they deserve.

Veterans In Need Foundation has accepted a mandate to intervene, rescuing as many veterans from the trauma of reentering society. We consistently extend open hands and hearts to these deserving men and women who have sacrificed so much for our benefit to protect the freedoms we all enjoy. We invite the public to join with us in our crusade to recognize, honor, and assist veterans in need everywhere.